Gingerbread carp still feeding

Few reports of captures made from BHAA’s premier carp fishery, Gingerbread Lake, have been forthcoming in recent weeks but the grapevine has revealed that it has been producing some great results. Nick ‘the Greek’ Page caught two more carp during the week to bring his tally to well over thirty big carp since the end of August. So far, Nick has banked two big commons over 30lbs including the sought after Long Common but has still to land any of the named big mirrors. He reckoned he may have lost ‘Cluster’ recently though when he played a big mirror only to see it shed his hook at the net. Unlike many anglers, Nick has found the margins to be the most productive areas where as many other anglers seem obsessed with trying to cast across the lake. The likely, sorry, Luton lads have enjoyed some great catches banking several of the lake’s really big mirrors after heavily baiting an area of the lake. Bailiff Ricky Holden, another publicity shy angler, recently caught the sought-after ‘’cut-tail’ mirror weighing 28lb 12oz. Many of the carp are still down in weight following prolonged spawning during the hot summer but are beginning to pile on the pounds again as the winter approaches.

The Sandy Lakes fishery has continued to produce catches of carp too but most of the fish caught have been taken at dawn and dusk or during the night time.

The Association was saddened to here of the loss of Ron Stapleton, a keen carp angler, who has been fishing at Gingerbread Lake for several years along with his son Andy. Our sympathies go out to Andy and his family at this sad time.

Anglers visiting Gingerbread Lake may well have noticed the piles of hardcore being delivered to the site. Over the weekend, this has been used to create parking areas around the lake which should enable anglers to park in close proximity to their favourite swims and avoid the risk of their vehicles getting stuck in the soft ground. It has been necessary to chain off part of the road bank to prevent the grass track from being rutted by inconsiderate vehicle users.