Overnight frosts put a damper on sport

Despite some glorious late autumn sunshine, overnight frosts appear to have had a profound effect on the fish’s feeding habits. Barry Fox returned to Swan Lake keen to carry on with the frantic action he had enjoyed from pike the previous week. He had another take soon after casting out his dead baits but the fish dropped the bait and that virtually was the end of sport for him for the day.

Brad Hollidge wanted to introduce a friend to the Sandy Lakes fishery and fished overnight at Swan Lake with no signs of a bite. During the night, carp had been jumping on the lee side of the lake sheltering from a cooling wind. The following morning he decided to move on to McGregor Lake to try and salvage something from the outing. He cast a snowman rig into a small bay and, within a few minutes, he had a run. Brad went on to land a superbly-conditioned 13lb mirror carp after a great scrap. Another member fished off the long island where he too managed to tempt a good-sized carp and a sizable bream whereas anglers fishing into the wind struggled for bites.

However, the rivers are now getting in prime condition as the weeds die off and the flow rates improve. One member recently fished a club stretch of the River Ivel where he enjoyed a great day’s sport catching roach, small chub and big dace up to 9” long throughout the day.

Mainly Tackle in Arlesey has ceased trading and our best wishes go to Terry and his wife who have provided a great service to anglers and pet owners in the village.

Members are warned that the autumn rains have made some of the tracks around parts of the lakes very soft with the danger that vehicles will get stuck and the tracks further rutted by persons who persist in driving on them. It is the intention of the club’s management board to chain off these areas. The swims may still be fished but anglers will have to carry their tackle to them after parking their vehicles in a safe place. Particular areas to be avoided are the road bank and the central peninsular at Gingerbread Lake, the track beyond the container at Swan Lake, and the short-cut between Swan and McGregor Lakes. Also, remember that breakdown services will sometimes charge well over £100 to tow vehicles out as they are on private land.