Big pike bring some winter cheer

Whilst the odd carp is still getting caught, it is pike that have been feeding well at BHAA’s Sandy Lakes complex. Three pike over 20lbs have been reported with the best weighing 28lbs and the other two topping 25lbs. Details of their captors are not yet to hand though.

Anthony Pogmore decided to try his luck on the river Ivel but found many of his favourite swims difficult to fish because of a constant flow of leaves coming down in the current. He managed to find one swim where the leaves were not too much of a problem and, within a couple of minutes of casting out, he soon landed a nice perch around 1lb 8oz. His next two casts produced another two perch but then the swim died. He decided to move swim but returned to it later in the day to catch a fourth perch. His next visit produced only a single bite which turned out to be a nicely-conditioned 3lb 8oz chub.

Martin Crouch fished the River Ouse at Manor Farm, Lavendon where he caught two fine perch weighing 2lb 9oz and 2lb 13oz.

All BHAA membership books for the current season have now been sold and it has been decided not to get any more printed until next season. We are sorry if this decision has disappointed some potentially new members but it was taken to safeguard our fisheries from being over-fished. New members will be able to join the Association as soon as next season’s membership books become available.

Members are reminded that live baiting is strictly forbidden on the Association’s still waters and anyone found in breach of this rule faces the possibility of expulsion from the club. Dead baiting and lure fishing are the permitted methods of fishing for predators.

Also, members requesting guest permits or casual night fishing permits must allow sufficient time for permits to arrive. In future, no one will be allowed to fish unless in possession of the relative permit and our bailiffs have been informed of this decision and will act accordingly.