Huge haul from McGegor Lake

Innovate Baits tester Brad Hollidge fished an overnight session with a young guest, Conor, at BHAA’s McGregor Lake and had an astonishing catch of carp for so late in the year. Brad chose a swim from where he could cast into a small bay largely neglected by other anglers whilst Conor fishing nearby but cast his baits out more into the main body of the lake. Soon, Brad started getting runs during daylight hours landing 8 carp in just one hour. After each fish caught, he re-baited his swim heavily with freebies and ended up catching 16 carp including mirrors to 15lbs and commons to over 12lbs. Finally, a descending frost convinced him it was time to call it a night so he handed his swim over to Conor who had not been enjoying any success in his neighbouring swim. However, Conor soon caught three more carp in quick succession including a 13lb 3oz common, a new personal best for the youngster. A polish member has been catching several pike from the lake up to 18lbs lure fishing around the lake.

BHAA members will be pleased to learn that the stockings of fish reported last week have already taken place with crucian carp and tench going into Grace Lake and young barbel being stocked into the River Ivel at Tempsford by the Environment Agency:

Chairman Neil Sampson went on a short lure fishing trip to a club stretch of the River Ouse with Mike Parkinson. Neil caught a couple of perch around the 2lb mark and Mike caught a new personal best, a 3lb 12oz specimen. Later in the week, Neil had an afternoon session on the River Ivel after chub. He caught a super 5lb 9oz chub from the first swim he tried and then followed this up with an even larger fish, a 5lb 14oz specimen from the second swim he fished