Xmas presents all round!

A last minute decision to go pike fishing resulted in Barry Fox ending the year with one of the biggest fish caught from BHAA’s Sandy Lakes complex. Barry baited his two lines with a half mackerel and a small joey mackerel casting them both out into the lake around 10am. About an hour later, the line baited with the the joey mackerel was picked up and soon developed into a powerful run. Barry struck and immediately realised he had connected with one of the lake’s big pike. The fish was duly landed, weighed, photographed and promptly returned to fight another day. It turned out to be a 25lb 14oz specimen that could easily have topped 30lbs if it had been a little bit more filled out. Another member almost equalled Barry’s feat when he caught another big pike, a 23lb specimen, from one of the other lakes on the complex.

Head bailiff Dave Hallybone ended a long lean spell for him when he caught a pristine 22lb mirror carp whilst fishing overnight at Swan Lake.

Alan Wilkie opted to fish a BHAA-controlled stretch of the River Ivel near Sandy with maggots after the recent cool weather had chilled the water temperatures. Alan long trotted his float through his swim after introducing a small handful of maggots to encourage fish in the area to feed. At the end of his trot, his float slid under and he was soon playing a good fish. It turned out to be a nicely-conditioned 5lb chub. After a few more trot downs, the float disappeared again and Alan was chuffed to see his weighing scales record another 5lb chub, this time a 5lb 1oz specimen. Another handful of loose feed was introduced and his maggots were soon taken again this time by an even heavier chub, a 5lb 9oz specimen. Earlier in the month, Alan had landed a 6lb chub from the river making it a great start to his winter campaign.

Club chairman, Neil Sampson, has been working with a small group of youngsters to clear swims on the club’s stretch of the River Ouse at Manor Farm, Lavendon in a small spinney at the bottom of the stretch. After the work was completed, they had time for a couple of hours fishing in the newly-cleared swims. It turned out to be almost a fish a chuck as a stream of roach, dace and chublets came continually to the net.

Wishing all our members and readers a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!