Rain stops play, well almost!

More heavy rainfall has rendered most of BHAA’s river stretches unfishable and even Gingerbread Lake received its share of floodwater. However, the Sandy Lakes complex remained fishable throughout the week so there were plenty of anglers on the banks mainly after pike.

The water temperature was still quite high for the time of year so Robert Livock decided to go for carp at McGregor Lake. Throughout the day, he kept seeing the odd fish top and by mid-morning he had his first good bite. He struck and soon landed the culprit, a 6lb common carp, a welcome catch nonetheless. He returned the fish and he hardly had time to recast his line before his bite alarm sounded for his other rod. This time it was a better fish, a 9lb 4oz mirror carp. Despite fishing on until dusk, that was the end of the day’s sport for him. Another member fishing on the opposite side of the lake connected with two carp as well but his fish were reportedly both low doubles. Another angler swim fed off the long island regularly recasting to keep a steady flow of bait going into the same area. His tactics bore fruit as he went on to catch a sizeable bream and some smaller fish. There were no reports of any pike being caught from either McGregor or Swan Lakes.