Rainfall continues to affect sport

The heavy overnight rain again experienced during the past week has rendered several of the BHAA’s stretches of the rivers Ouse and Ivel difficult to fish or to predict when they will be fishable. Similarly, flood water entering Gingerbread Lake has resulted in the water level rapidly rising making many swims difficult to fish. Hopefully, the slightly drier outlook will return water levels to their normal levels before too long.

The lakes at Sandy all remain fishable particularly with the overflow sluice at McGregor Lake maintaining the water level at the optimum height. Robert Livock returned to the lake on one of the few dry and milder days and again found carp to be feeding. During a day session, he caught three carp, a 5lb common and mirrors weighing 8lb 4oz and 10lbs. All his fish were caught fishing close to the margins. Dave Hallybone managed to bank an 11lb mirror too but found bites hard to come by. Tom Stimson caught a 20lb fully-scaled mirror during an overnight session on Swan Lake where runs have been few and far between of late.

Despite the presence of many pike anglers, there have been few reports of pike being caught since the early season spate of big fish reported. Some Polish members reported catching a couple of low doubles lure fishing on McGregor Lake and an 11lb pike was caught recently at Gingerbread Lake.

Despite their voracious reputation, pike are an extremely delicate fish that often cannot survive being mishandled. Our club is fortunate in still having some really big specimens in several of our lakes so it is important that anglers fishing for them follow some basic ground rules. Firstly, make sure you go equipped with adequate tackle such as a good-sized landing net, a large weigh sling and a padded unhooking mat. Also, you should carry some strong long reach forceps to remove hooks and a set of pliers in case you have to cut through deeply embedded hooks. Remember, a fish that is returned with hooks and traces inside it is unlikely to survive as it will be unable to feed. Pike suffer from stress when caught so you should make every effort to return fish to the water as quickly as possible to minimise it. Keeping a fish out of the water whilst you mate is summoned from elsewhere is simply unacceptable and shows little regard for the fish’s welfare. Our bailiffs will ask anyone found to be fishing with inadequate tackle to desist and may report them for disciplinary purposes so be warned.