Floods bring a temporary halt to fishing

The almost continual deluges we keep experiencing have finally brought fishing to an end at both the Sandy Lakes and Eaton Socon complexes. At Sandy, Swan and McGregor Lakes had merged whilst at Gingerbread Lake the banks were more than a foot underwater making fishing impossible. The rivers Ivel and Ouse were both in spate too and over their banks and into the surrounding fields.

John Cartwright managed to get to BHAA’s Priory Farm stretch of the River Ouse upstream of Harrold where he spotted a heron standing by the water’s edge. He noted that the river’s flow was much slacker near to where the bird had been standing. He returned to the fishery the following week to be greeted by a river carrying flood water and highly coloured but he remembered the area of slack water that the heron had revealed so he decided to fish it. Baiting with the tail of a lobworm and bunches of maggots, John enjoyed a good day’s sport catching a number of good-sized roach when most other anglers would have simply walked away.

One of BHHA members has been putting some time in fishing a club stretch near Langford which many anglers have dismissed as being not worth visiting. He has taken Chub to over 6lbs, perch to 3lbs plus several large roach to 1lb 12oz over a few weeks. His successful tactic was to float fish with lobworms laying on to the bottom.

Before the recent flooding, several large carp have been caught at Gingerbread Lake but the captors have been coy in disclosing where and when they were caught or how big the fish were.

Orders of carp for both McGregor Lake and Gingerbread Lake were ready but the fish farm was unable to harvest them as the stock ponds were all flooded.