Burning the midnight oil seems to be the answer

Anglers fishing on all of BHAA’s lakes have found sport very patchy to say the least but it seems to be a different story after dark. Mark Bailey fished at McGregor Lake where he enjoyed a 9 carp haul with all his fish weighing over 12lbs including a brace of 18 pounders. All his fish were taken during the hours of darkness. Bob Kitchener fished an overnighter at Swan Lake banking two carp, a common and a mirror both weighing over 15lbs. Mick Broom fished overnight on Swan Lake too landing one of the lake’s double-figure bream, not his intended quarry but a welcome catch.

Although few reports of fish captures have been made by anglers fishing at Gingerbread Lake, several of the lake’s big carp have graced the bank in the last couple of weekends. They include a common of well over 30lbs and mirrors to nearly 30lbs. It seems as though the lake’s tench have still to wake up although the odd fish has been caught accidentally by carp anglers.