Dave nets a fully-scaled beauty

Bailff Dave Hallybone had caught a steady stream of the big carp that inhabit Swan Lake in previous seasons but was the first to admit that he had been struggling to find the fish over the winter months. His patience and determination finally paid off when he caught a truly magnificent 22lb 10oz ‘AJS’ fully-scaled mirror whilst fishing overnight at the lake. His previous fish was another ‘20’, a 22lb 8oz ‘Fishers Pond’ mirror that had piled on the pounds since it was stocked into the lake.

Barry Fox has caught another big pike, this time a 17lb 1oz specimen from one of BHAA’s fisheries and reckoned he lost a far bigger fish from the same venue.

A new stock of over 40 mirrors and commons were duly introduced into Gingerbread Lake during the week by Fishers Pond Fishery, the strain being the same as the big carp that already inhabit this specimen water. A further 160 fish were stocked into McGregor Lake but these were a more heavily scaled variety bred from the same strain. Many of these fish were fully-scaled mirrors and should guarantee that the lake continues to provide first class all round sport.

All members with an interest in the future of the River Ivel are asked to respond to the Catchment Area Survey on to ensure that the planner get a representative view of how the river is to be developed as amenity in the future. For example, some of the possibilities being considered are cycle paths alongside the bank and canoeing (an apparently illegal act as the river has had navigation rights withdrawn). Please do not let this opportunity pass as the peace and quiet of the river may be under threat.