Swan Lake producing multiple catches

Firstly, congratulations to club member Steve Curtin on catching a 19lb 14oz barbel from a local river in the weeks preceding the end of the season. Steve was a former record holder for the species when he caught a 20lb plus specimen from the Upper Ouse before otters devastated the fishing.

Dave Hallybone caught another three carp during the week fishing overnight at Swan Lake. His fish were all doubles up to 17lbs. However, another angler fished the same venue over the weekend catching three more carp but his were all upper 20s.

The normally prolific McGregor Lake was fishing hard for carp at the moment despite the recent restocking that has taken place. Bream and other silver fish continued to be caught though.

The Association held its Annual General Meeting on the 21st March when it was announced that membership subscriptions and night fishing permits for 2014-15 would remain at the same prices as the current year. Martin Crouch stepped down from his position as Fisheries Officer as he will be soon leaving the locality. George Horne, an EA Fisheries Officer, was elected to replace Martin. Barry Richardson and Luke Garner were elected as new board members to help run the Association on behalf of its members. Kevin Young will be joining the bailiffing team with specific responsibility for the Sandy Lakes complex.

The Association is still looking for a match secretary to promote match fishing within the club. If anyone is interested in filling this position, please contact any of the board members who will pass the information on.

The Board has been extremely angered by individuals who have taken upon themselves to remove the chains from across protected areas at Gingerbread Lake in order to get their vehicles closer to their chosen swims. Locks have been damaged and posts pulled out of the ground. These chains were installed as a temporary measure to protect the grass tracks from becoming rutted whilst the ground remains saturated. They will be removed as soon as it is considered that the ground has dried out sufficiently. In the meantime, anyone caught damaging or tampering with these chains will risk expulsion from the Association. The same considerations apply to the Sandy Lakes complex where a few selfish individuals have continued to drive vehicles on to the soft ground deeply rutting the grass tracks on the west side of McGregor Lake ruining them for future use. One of our bailiffs recently observed an idiot driving over the piles of hardcore to get to the far end of Swan Lake showing scant regard for the fishery.

In recent months, the Association has spent many thousands of pounds improving the track at the Eaton Socon complex and there still remains more work to be done. Members should note that it is a track and not a road and that, as such, vehicles should only be driven slowly around the lake, incidentally a club rule. Some idiots have been observed driving at high speeds around Gingerbread Lake which will quickly destroy the track and result in even more financial cost to the Association. Needless to say that any culprits caught can expect severe disciplinary action from the Board.