Catches improve as water temperatures rise

There has been plenty of signs of carp activity at Gingerbread Lake over the past week with fish seen breaking the surface all over the lake indicating that they were starting to feed in the daytime too. Several large carp have been caught. Two 30s were landed by anglers fishing side by side namely Laurie Bowden, proprietor of Ouse Valley Specialist Angling, and Mark Collins. Gary Exton returned to the lake after a long absence due to work commitments and fished a 72-hour session landing his first carp of the year, a 16lb common and several tench. Gary was using Denham Bait Innovations boilies. Other anglers reported getting plenty of bites from the lake’s bream which are starting to home in on big beds of bait so be careful just how much you put in if you want to avoid their attention.

Last week, I reported that there was little sign of action in daylight hours from carp at McGregor Lake but a member immediately corrected me by reporting that he had caught carp to low doubles and caught some single-figured fish too.

Del ‘the fireman’ Orchard has joined our bailiffing team and will be carrying out his duties at both the Eaton Socon and Sandy Lakes complexes.

Please send in more reports of your catches as they provide a valuable means of assessing how are waters are fishing. We are interested in receiving reports on all species particularly those affected by cormorant or other predation. For example, Gary Page has reported catching some large eels whilst pike fishing on one of our still waters and he may well be targeting them in the future. Years ago, eels used to be a much sought after species before carp fishing really took off and there feeding habits were mysterious triggering off many theories about the best times to fish for them. We are fortunate too in still having some large eels in all of our still waters.

Membership books for the coming season are being printed at the moment but are likely to be in demand. The first stocks of them should be in sales outlets by the end of April. The coming season will be the last year that the ‘Zone’ locks will be in use and all locks and keys will be changed for 2015-16.