Bailiff Richard Holden had a spectacular catch of tench from Gingerbread Lake when he banked three tench over 9lbs, the best weighing 9lb 11oz whilst margin fishing. On another occasion, Richard landed an old favourite, the common carp known as ‘Cut-tail’ weighing an impressive 29lb 5oz. Mark Collins caught several carp fishing overnight and his haul included a 39lb mirror thought to be the one known as ’The Dark Mirror’. Eoghann Thomson banked four carp to 20lbs plus tench and bream fishing a part of the lake often neglected by other anglers. Also, he had a 9 fish haul of bream with 5 of them estimated to weigh over 10lbs, the best around 13lbs. Kevin Webb banked a 22lb 8oz mirror carp whilst day fishing in ‘two-bar bay’ and followed this up with a 19lb 4oz carp on his next visit. Kevin’s fish fell to Denham Bait Innovation boilies. Kevin Bacon fished his first ever night at the lake but struggled to observe any signs of carp movement. His patience finally paid off though when a good-sized fish surfaced in the swim in which he was standing. He cast ‘chod’ rigs baited with single pop-ups into the area to try to avoid spooking the fish and soon had a run but lost the fish en route to the net. He fished on and eventually broke his duck with carp weighing 18lbs and 16lbs plus a smaller fish. During the week, the lake’s bream have been spawning in earnest and much of the weed is now coated in fish eggs providing an abundance of protein for other fish.

Mike Broom fished overnight at Swan Lake where he banked a big bream during the night but, at day break, he caught a 25lb 10oz mirror. Later in the week, Mike returned for another session and went on to catch a 17lb carp. Bob Kitchener has been targeting the lake’s bream and has been enjoying regular success throughout the night. Bob has caught several double figured specimens and some smaller ones thought to be males by their breeding tubercles.

Robert Livock has found it hard going for carp at McGregor Lake but had a consolation prize in the form of a 5lb 8oz tench.

A big thank you is owed to the work party who have improved access around both Swan and McGregor Lakes as well as improving several of the swims to make them more easy to fish from. Car parking areas have been created too and members are asked not to drive their vehicles beyond and into swims.