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Hot weather keeps carp spawning

Complaints have been received of some irresponsible anglers leaving their dog mess in swims. Please ensure that all such mess is cleared from both swims and pathways as otherwise they may risk dogs being banned in the future. Also, dogs should not be allowed to disturb other anglers by being allowed to roam away from their owners.

Big crucian from Grace Lake

Dave Holland decided to drag a swim prior to fishing at Grace Lake where dense weed can cause problems. His efforts were rewarded when he went on to catch a nice 5lb 8oz tench and a 2lb 11oz crucian carp, the biggest reported from this little fished water.

Pop-ups tempt big tench

Lou Gilhart has been trying an unusual bait at Swan Lake, sea mussels, and was rewarded with the capture of several eels up to 4lbs whilst Robert Livock has continued to enjoy some good sport from carp at the adjacent McGregor Lake. Robert was catching three carp per day up to low doubles and even caught a 3lb 8oz mirror on one occasion.

Swan Lake producing some good catches

Matthew Earl fished overnight at Swan Lake for the first time this year and had a cracking result landing two big carp weighing 25lb 10oz and 21lbs. Another angler netted two of the lake’s big bream each weighing around 12lbs. Head bailiff, Dave Hallybone spotted a small group of carp surfacing near an overhanging bush so he cast his boilies to where he had seen the fish. The result was a 32lb mirror carp for him, an ideal tonic before his trip to France after more carp. Other anglers also caught a number of carp including one four fish haul.