Big crucian from Grace Lake

Dave Holland decided to drag a swim prior to fishing at Grace Lake where dense weed can cause problems. His efforts were rewarded when he went on to catch a nice 5lb 8oz tench and a 2lb 11oz crucian carp, the biggest reported from this little fished water.

Despite high pressure weather conditions, Mark Horspool proved that you can still catch carp off the bottom when he landed six fish during his latest session at Gingerbread Lake. Bailiff Derek Orchard spotted some carp milling around an overhanging tree and cast some floaters towards them, His bait was quickly taken resulting in a 24lb common carp. John Murphy banked a 16lb 8oz mirror carp during a short daytime session but found bream to be a bit of a nuisance on future visits.

Paul Longhurst caught a big 29lb mirror carp whilst fishing at Swan Lake and then followed this capture up with a 28lb common carp from Gingerbread Lake. Kevin Barrable decided to try some surface fishing as daytime temperatures rose and it was not long before he was playing a carp that had been tempted to feed. Alan Wilkie tried his hand at tench fishing and caught a nice 6lb 6oz specimen plus a bream during an early morning session.

The hot weather in the early part of the week had triggered a number of carp into spawning but, hopefully, this should mean that the fish should be more intent on feeding to regain any weight lost through their exertions. Also, the prospect of some slightly cooler conditions should improve conditions for the start of the new season.