Pop-ups tempt big tench

By his own admission, BHAA’s membership secretary Anthony Pogmore has been struggling to catch at Gingerbread Lake this year despite other anglers reporting some spectacular catches. He decided to try fishing with two Denham Baits ‘Element’ pop-ups fished over a liberal sprinkling of freebie boilies. After a couple of hours, his bite alarm sounded a fast run which he soon realised was not from a carp. The fish was netted fairly quickly and turned out to be a huge 10lb 4oz tench beating his previous personal best by nearly two pounds. Bob Kitchener took a break from carp fishing to fish for the lake’s tench too trying a different bait presentation on each rod. One rod was baited with plastic corn and this produced a nice 16lb mirror carp for him that fought well on his light tackle. A second rod was baited with a method feeder but this produced only bream, not his intended quarry. His third rod was equipped with a maggot feeder which proved to be the successful method as he went on to catch 5 tench to over 7lbs. Nic ‘the Greek’ Page caught another big carp during the week, this time a 21lb common. Lake regular John Murphy fished in the factory bay but found that his swim was full of good-sized bream that homed in on his bait.

Lou Gilhart has been trying an unusual bait at Swan Lake, sea mussels, and was rewarded with the capture of several eels up to 4lbs whilst Robert Livock has continued to enjoy some good sport from carp at the adjacent McGregor Lake. Robert was catching three carp per day up to low doubles and even caught a 3lb 8oz mirror on one occasion.

Members will be pleased to learn that the entrance road is to be repaired around the 9th of June by a contractor. This work should remove all the potholes and provide an even surface over the length of the road. Please be aware that some obstruction to vehiclar access may be caused whilst the work is ongoing.