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Youngsters get off to a flying start

John Murphy decided to take a break from fishing at Gingerbread Lake to take his two of his grandsons fishing for the first time as they had expressed an interest. He decided to take them to McGregor Lake where he explained to them how he fished for carp and what to do in case of a run. Sure enough, before long he had a screaming run on one of his two rods and one of his grandchildren rushed forward to strike but, unfortunately, forgot to close the bait runner first. The run was missed. Undeterred, the trio fished on and they went on to enjoy a memorable day’s sport catching mirror carp weighing 10lb 8oz, 12lbs, 13lbs and 18lbs.

Big roach on the feed

Anthony Pogmore decided fish at McGregor Lake for carp during the week and on a bright sunny day with little or no wind he managed to catch two mirrors weighing 13lb 12oz and 9lb 8oz. A couple of days later, he returned to the lake despite warnings of heavy thundery rain and found the fish to be feeding avidly. Throughout the day, he had well over one hundred bites and was able to catch six carp despite missing a couple of screaming runs. His fish were mirrors weighing 11lbs, 11lbs (fully-scaled), 9lbs, 12lb 10oz and 5lbs (another fully-scaled) plus an 8lb common carp. All his fish fell to fruit flavoured boilies fished ‘snowman’ style in conjunction with white pop-ups. A fellow angler reported catching an 18lb 8oz mirror from a part of the lake not popular with many carp anglers. Other anglers reported plenty of sport from roach, rudd, skimmers and small carp recently stocked by the club.

Great sport to be had on the rivers

Brad Hollidge has been regularly fishing overnight at Swan Lake where he has been averaging 2-3 carp each visit with his best so far weighing 22lbs. Carp to over 30lbs have been spotted cruising on the surface during the daytime but were proving difficult to catch mainly because of avaricious gulls feeding on the floaters before the carp can get to them.