Big roach on the feed

For several months, anglers fishing at Swan Lake have commented on the cracking sport that can be enjoyed fishing for the lake’s roach and rudd. Just how good is only just becoming apparent as one member reported catching no fewer than five 2lb roach in an evening plus a 2lb roach/bream hybrid. Stuart Blacow visited the lake to try spinning for pike and in only a two hour session banked rfour pike to over 10lbs.

Anthony Pogmore decided fish at McGregor Lake for carp during the week and on a bright sunny day with little or no wind he managed to catch two mirrors weighing 13lb 12oz and 9lb 8oz. A couple of days later, he returned to the lake despite warnings of heavy thundery rain and found the fish to be feeding avidly. Throughout the day, he had well over one hundred bites and was able to catch six carp despite missing a couple of screaming runs. His fish were mirrors weighing 11lbs, 11lbs (fully-scaled), 9lbs, 12lb 10oz and 5lbs (another fully-scaled) plus an 8lb common carp. All his fish fell to fruit flavoured boilies fished ‘snowman’ style in conjunction with white pop-ups. A fellow angler reported catching an 18lb 8oz mirror from a part of the lake not popular with many carp anglers. Other anglers reported plenty of sport from roach, rudd, skimmers and small carp recently stocked by the club.

In the early part of the week, the hot weather triggered off more spawning with tench the active species. Tench to well over 10lbs were spotted jumping clear of the water in the vicinity of the spawning fish. Dave Holland has been regularly catching tech throughout the week float fishing with pellets and, when they were not feeding, getting sport from roach and rudd. Daryl Close fished overnight at the lake catching two tench of around 6lbs and 8lbs exactly.

Peter Biernis fished on the Ivel and Ouse on the club’s Tempsford estate waters where he found the rivers alive with feeding fish. He started off at Campers’ Meadow where he fished a swim that he had not visited for more than twenty years. Feeding with maggots and using wheat as hook bait, he caught a steady stream of roach and small chub. He later moved to a swim near to the confluence of the Ivel and Ouse where, in only about two hours, he caught around 10lbs or roach and dace as well as some small chub and bleak. Finally, he decided to finish off his visit on the Ivel where he banked a pristine 3lb chub on his first cast and then hooked and lost a much larger fish before finally running out of bait. Paul Allum jnr. fished on the Ouse at Tempsford for the first time and was well pleased to catch an eel and a nice perch.

A number of enquiries have been made about car parking at the Anchor Hotel, Tempsford where the carp park entrance has been obstructed by a metal barrier. Members are advised that the barrier can be moved to allow access as long as it is replaced thereafter. Also, please display the car parking page printed in the club book to show that you are a BHAA member.

The club has spent a lot of money getting the track repaired at the Sandy Lakes complex but the Board was dismayed to learn that some members were now driving along it as though it was a road. Excessive speed will cause the surface to rapidly break up leading to the need for more repairs. Members are asked to report anyone they observe driving in this manner so that the Board can consider taking disciplinary action against them.