Youngsters get off to a flying start

John Murphy decided to take a break from fishing at Gingerbread Lake to take his two of his grandsons fishing for the first time as they had expressed an interest. He decided to take them to McGregor Lake where he explained to them how he fished for carp and what to do in case of a run. Sure enough, before long he had a screaming run on one of his two rods and one of his grandchildren rushed forward to strike but, unfortunately, forgot to close the bait runner first. The run was missed. Undeterred, the trio fished on and they went on to enjoy a memorable day’s sport catching mirror carp weighing 10lb 8oz, 12lbs, 13lbs and 18lbs. The grandchildren were given an opportunity to play each fish but needed some help as, at times, they were in danger of being pulled in by the hard fighting fish. Needless to say, they were soon badgering their grandfather to take them again. The bright conditions have made sport patchy at the lake but several anglers enjoyed multiple catches when they found feeding fish.

Joanna Davies dug some lobworms from her garden in advance of a day’s fishing at Gingerbread Lake. She decided to ledger a single worm and, at 5pm on a swelteringly hot day, she had a run. It turned out to be good-sized eel again indicating that the species is present in numbers in the lake. The membership secretary turned up to fish but was on hand to photograph a thickset mirror carp weighing 19lbs that was caught by one of the new night permit holders, his first carp from the lake. During the week, many swims were full of bubbling fish in the early mornings but bites were still difficult to come by. Lake regular Kevin Barrable has found surface fishing to be more productive despite the unwanted attention of wildfowl that have to be fed off. Fishing for only a couple of hours at a time, he went on to catch mirror carp weighing 21lbs and 32lbs, the latter being a dark fish and almost a leather with only a few small scales.