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Success at British Lure Championship

Congratulations to BHAA member Joanna Davies who was the last qualifier place for the British Lure Championship organised at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough. Lure fishing is becoming very popular lately and Fox in conjunction with Anglers Mail have launched this competition. There were 10 qualifiers for the final and Joanna won the last of these places. The final to select the British Champion will be held at Chew Valley and is to be televised by Sky Sports.

Carp keep close to the weed beds at Gingerbread Lake

Dave Allum fished on the River Ouse at Tempsford and caught a nice 2lb 2oz perch on ledgered worms. Later he banked a good-sized eel around 1lb 8oz. His grandson Paul Allum was retrieving his worms when they were grabbed by a small pike which was in superb condition and has many more growing years left.

Swan Magic

Meanwhile, at Gingerbread Lake, one of the named fish, Moonscale, was caught weighing 35lbs well down on its top weight no doubt spawned out. John Murphy caught his best fish from the lake so far this year when he banked a 26lb 8oz mirror carp but had to wait well into the afternoon before getting a run. In contrast, Alan Bates had only a short time to weight when fishing in the factory bay before a 19lb 4oz carp picked up his red pop-up boilie. Another angler to enjoy success fishing in the factory bay was Trevor O’Dell who caught a 29lb 14oz carp whilst his fishing companion banked an 18lb 4oz carp from another part of the lake on a later visit.

Catches slow down as autumn beckons

An anglers fishing overnight at Gingerbread Lake caught a 27lb carp the following morning. Mike Broom also reported ca5tching a nice carp, a 26lb 2oz mirror carp and added a 12lb 8oz common during the same visit. He has been picking up the odd large bream too with fish weighing 9lb 8oz and 6lbs.