Catches slow down as autumn beckons

Junior member Jonny Murphy was keen to fish again at McGregor Lake with his granddad but the day they chose was one of continual rain. The pair looked liked blanking as they had seen little in the way of action through the morning and were contemplating calling it a day at 2pm. However, at around 1pm they had a fast run and Jonny picked up the rod and struck into a good fish. With a little help from John Murphy, the fish was landed and turned out to be a pristine 11lb mirror carp. They fished on to take a second mirror carp of around the same size and a 5lb bream.

Reports filtering through from Swan Lake indicate that some anglers have been enjoying multiple catches of carp with fish feeding both at night and during daylight hours.

An anglers fishing overnight at Gingerbread Lake caught a 27lb carp the following morning. Mike Broom also reported ca5tching a nice carp, a 26lb 2oz mirror carp and added a 12lb 8oz common during the same visit. He has been picking up the odd large bream too with fish weighing 9lb 8oz and 6lbs.

Paul Allum (jnr) opted for a change of venue from the Ouse at Tempsford to the Ivel at Langford. Ledgering with quiver tipped worms, he went on to catch a 10lb pike to open his account.

Observant anglers fishing at the Sandy Lakes complex have spotted some unusual visitors in recent days. A pair of hobbies has returned in search of swallows, house martins and dragon flies that are their main quarry. A resident pair of turtle doves can be seen daily flying across the northern end of McGregor Lake or perched in the small willow trees. They will soon be migrating south once their young are fledged. A little egret is now a frequent visitor to the complex no doubt enjoying the small fish that it can catch from the lakes’ shallows.