Summertime ends on a high

Steve Pryor has been enjoying some great sport fishing at the Sandy Lakes complex where he has divided his time between the three main lakes. Fishing on McGregor Lake, he caught around 20 skimmer bream up to 2lbs plus two good-sized eels up to 3lbs. It seems that the eels there cannot resist lobworms. Next, he turned his attention to Swan Lake where he caught over 30lbs of roach and rudd all on sweetcorn with fish up to 1lb in weight. Finally, he visited Grace Lake where he landed three tench weighing 4lbs, 4lbs and 4lb 8oz again fishing with sweetcorn. On a previous visit to Grace Lake, he had enjoyed similar success catching tench weighing 4lb 9oz and 5lbs together with some small roach.

Winston Pogmore fished at McGregor Lake on a bright and fairly windless day when nothing seemed to be feeding. He was about to call it a day in the late afternoon when he had a solitary run out of the blue which turned out to be from a pristine 14lb 3oz common carp.

A new member, R. Keeble, has found the Sandy Lakes complex very much to his liking. He recently fished overnight on Swan Lake catching three carp all well over 20lbs including a pristine common that still had its mouth curtains intact. His daughter fished too catching another two 20lb plus carp, one a new personal best.

A steady stream of big carp were being caught by anglers fishing at Gingerbread Lake in the last week including, at least, three over 30lbs. Some sad news to report though is that it is fairly certain that the lake’s largest resident, ‘Cluster’, may have died as there have been no reports of its capture this year.