Crucians showing at Grace Lake

Bailiff Richard Thompson has been informally reviewing catches with members fishing at Gingerbread Lake in recent weeks and they have concluded that the lake now holds more 30lb plus carp than ever with many of last season’s upper 20s now topping the 30lb barrier. Eoghan Thompson has been catching both bream and tench at the lake too using Denham Baits’s boilies fished over a bed of particles.

Many youngsters were on half-term break from school during the week and took the opportunity to fish in the mild conditions. Barry Fox took his grandson, Lewis, for a day’s pike fishing at McGregor Lake. They only stayed a few hours but long enough for Lewis to catch a 12lb 2oz pike using a dead bait. John Murphy’s grandson, Jonny, was keen to try for carp at McGregor Lake but the bright conditions put the fish off the feed. It was not until late afternoon that a cloud bank came over and their fortunes immediately changed. In a short space of time, they had three good runs and ended up banking mirrors weighing 14lb 5oz, 8lbs and 4lb 12oz. Mick Day was one of the few anglers to catch in the bright conditions when first he connected with a common carp around 10-11lbs. He tried to cast close to one of the islands in McGregor Lake but he got neither the desired distance nor accuracy but he decided to leave his bait where it landed. Later in the day, he had a run and connected with a carp that had his clutch screaming as it went off on a powerful run. The fish was eventually netted and turned out to be a 20lb 6oz mirror carp, one of the best carp reported from the venue this season. Paul Allum and his son Paul (jnr) returned to the lake with a friend, Tommy Williams, and all three anglers enjoyed success. Paul Allum was pleased to catch a good-sized pike while his son netted a scale perfect 10lb common carp. Tommy Williams landed two more carp despite losing another two.

Many anglers have shunned the Links Pool this season fearing that many fish were lost in the floods but one member has been fishing it overnight. He recently hooked a fish that tore off and he was unable to stop it from breaking free. The lake may well hold a few surprises as previous floods have usually brought an influx of fish into the water.

Few reports are ever received as to how Grace Lake has been fishing but it turns out to be rather well. A member fishing for the lake’s tench and crucians was surprised to catch some big bream and nice roach. Also, he caught several crucian carp with the biggest going close to 3lbs.

Neil Sampson, the club’s chairman, has been fishing the River Ivel on the old quarry site at Willow Hay. Although he has not caught any monsters, he has had plenty of sport from smaller chub up to 3lbs. The club has the exclusive fishing rights to a stretch of the Ivel above the former mill at Langford and it turns out that it holds some really big fish of several different species. Chub to over 6lbs, perch over 3lbs and roach to nearly 2lbs have all been caught with the best times usually being towards nightfall.

Members are asked to note that the club will be holding a work party at Gingerbread Lake over the weekend of 15-16th November. The lake will be closed to anglers from 5pm on Friday on the 14th until 5pm on Sunday, the 16th. This is because heavy plant and machinery will be in use and, for the safety of members, only working party participants will be allowed on sight. Anyone wishing to help out are welcome to come along on. Please note also that members are not permitted to carry out any work without the prior approval of the management board as they would be otherwise uninsured in the event of an accident.

There have been several instances of the security gates being left open at Gingerbread Lake in recent weeks jeopardising the security of the site and placing other members’ property at risk. These gates MUST be kept locked at all times after entry or exit. Anyone found deliberately leaving the gates open can expect sever action to be taken by the Association’s Board.

Also, there are no litter bins on site at our waters as we have no refuse collection service so please take all your rubbish away with you and dispose of it properly. Leaving plastic bags and other similar trash is a danger to wildlife and could put the future of the respective waters at risk.