Sport starts to slow as temperatures drift downwards

Bailiff Richard Holden and Eoghan Thonpson fished overnight in the deep water at Gingerbread Lake where they shared a 7 fish haul of carp with fish caught to 25lbs. Other anglers reported bream were still being attracted to beds of particles fished at range. The odd tench and small carp were reported caught during the week by other anglers. Pike provided good sport for a member fishing for them in the factory bay.

Roach were still feeding throughout the day at Swan Lake with float-fished maggots accounting for most fish caught. Regularly introducing a small handful of maggots helped to keep the fish interested.

Robert Livock spent a day fishing at McGregor Lake where he caught mirror carp weighing 12lb 8oz and 11lbs plus a late season 6lb 8oz tench. He said that another angler fishing close by also bagged a couple of fish. He returned to the lake a couple of days later to catch another 1llb mirror plus a 3lb common, his smallest ever carp from the lake.

The Association will be placing an order for another 50 or so carp to continue to build up stocks in Gingerbread Lake. It would be helpful if members could provide details of some of their catches from both our lakes and river stretches so that we are able to assess further stocking needs as well as to keep members informed of how our fisheries are performing.