Ivel fishing well as temperature drops

Pike have been feeding well at Gingerbread Lake where ‘John’ caught an upper double weighing 18lbs.

It was a similar situation at McGregor Lake where a member banked two good-sized doubles by casting his dead baits into a small bay. The odd carp was still feeding despite a chilling north-east wind. Robert Livock had a single run which resulted in him catching a 12lb mirror carp. The previous week Mick Day had caught a 13lb mirror so he was keen to see if he could catch another. Again, a single run out of the blue was sufficient for him to catch a 10lb 12oz common carp.

John Cartwright decided to fish BHAA’s stretch of the River Ivel upstream of Langford Mill and the jointly controlled Wells Field. At first, he found it frustrating as he kept missing bites with some decent fish bumping themselves off. He changed to 4lb b.s. main line, a 3lb bottom, a few swan shot and a nipped lobworm soaked in bloodworm glug. The last cast of the session made at 1pm in bright sunlight produced a violent bite. After a scrap lasting several minutes he was able to slide his net under a 5lb 3oz chub, his season’s best. The next day found him back in the same swim in the early morning when another violent tug on his line took place. This time it turned out to be a 2lb 13oz perch.

Kevin Webb fished lower down on the river near to the Sandy Lakes complex. He ledgered bread flake throughout the day to bank three good chub, the best weighing 5lb 4oz too. Club chairman Neil Sampson fished another stretch near to Sandy where he caught a cracking chub weighing 6lb 4oz.