Low water temperatures kill sporting action

Water temperatures have hardly moved above 41f all week and the few souls that have braved the elements to fish BHAA’s lakes have had scant reward. Fisheries Officer, George Horne, fished overnight at McGregor with two companions but between them they only managed to catch a solitary carp. Bailiff Richard Holden reported that several carp had been caught by members fishing at Gingerbread Lake over the Xmas/ New Year holiday period but they were generally some of the smaller carp stocked into the lake over the past couple of years.

Pike fishing has been a bit more productive but, even so, many predator hunters have finished the day with dry nets. Simon Lashmore and his step-father bucked the trend though by catching six pike between them fishing at Gingerbread Lake. They each caught three pike with the best weighing 16lb 3oz using float-fished dead baits. The remainder were all jacks weighing around the 7lb mark. In addition, Simon caught three perch whilst drop shotting between heavy downpours.

A consignment of around 50 sizeable king carp are due to be stocked into Gingerbread Lake in the coming weeks to further boost stocks and Grace Lake at Sandy will receive around 300 more large crucian carp.

Arrangements are in hand to improve the surface of the entrance road to the Sandy Lakes complex which has deteriorated badly despite being repaired earlier in the year. It will be necessary to close vehicular access to the fishery whilst this work is going on as heavy plant will be in use.

Members are advised not to use the small footbridge over the ditch at High Romper as it is no longer safe to do so. A new bridge is to be installed when our bridge builder can free up resources to do the work. It is planned to clear the small trees and briars that have now overgrown parts of the bank too.

In order to encourage more members to report catches, the Board has agreed to introduce a photo competition with a cash prize being awarded to the best photo submitted each month and a free club membership for the following season for the top snap received during the year in the eyes of the judge(s). The photos should be of catches made from club waters or scenes of our lakes and river stretches.