River fishing starting to pay dividends

Jason O’Neil thought he had hooked a big chub when his swim fed luncheon meat was taken whilst fishing on the River Ivel. Unfortunately, the fish turned out to be a sizable pike. Later in the week, Jason came up trumps when he caught a super conditioned 3lb 8oz perch lure fishing on the river.

Martin Barnatt spent a few hours trotting maggots on the River Ouse at Manor Farm, Lavendon. Although he was unable to locate any of the larger specimens known to inhabit this stretch, he overcame a tricky downstream breeze to catch several dace small chub together with a brace of nice sized 2lb chub.

Robert Livock returned to the Ivel at Sandy on a day where bites seemed particularly hard to come by but persevered to catch a 4lb 14oz chub on bread flake. Despite continuing to get the odd bite thereafter, it turned out to be his only fish of the day.