Milder weather sees sport take off big time

John Cartwright returned to BHAA’s stretch of the River Ouse at Lavendon opting to fish a swim from where he had previously caught plenty of small roach and chub but was sure it must hold some bigger fish. He baited an area with a mixture of hemp, halibut groundbait and other but still only managed to catch a couple of smallish chub and roach using spiced maggots as bait. John continued fishing well into the night when eventually a spiced luncheon meat offering was picked up and the fish tore off. He managed to net it fairly quickly and it turned out to be a super 5lb 8oz chub, a season’s best.

After a quiet couple of hours, He thought a change of bait was called for and decided to try a boilie rig baited with a strawberry flavoured boilie in conjunction with a fluro orange tuitti fruitti fished over his baited area. After a short while, his buzzer sounded a couple of bleeps and a few minutes later it screamed as his bobbin smacked the underside of his rod. A powerful fight ensued and John thought it may be a barbel or carp he had hooked but eventually the fish was netted and turned out to be a colossal 7lb 15oz chub. His catch was witnessed and photographed by a fellow angler.

Martin Barnatt fished a club stretch too catching five chub up to 4lb 12oz. Earlier Martin had targeted the River Ivel where he caught 3 chub around 3lbs each topped by a 5lb 3oz specimen.

Mike Baldwin was again enjoying some good sport fishing at McGregor Lake with roach and bream when he hooked and landed an early season tench weighing 5lb 4oz. The fish was returned to the lake after weighing and photographing only for Mike to catch the same fish later in the day! Mike has also been catching a number of carp too showing that sport is rapidly improving. Robert Livock caught a 4lb bream and a 6lb 8oz fully-scaled mirror too fishing from the long island.

Evan John fished at Swan Lake where he caught two carp, both weighing over 20lbs to get his New Year’s carp fishing off to a flying start. Nick Page reported catching a 26lb mirror from the lake too on an earlier visit.

Carp fishing at Gingerbread Lake was in full flow with big fish ace Nick ‘the Greek’ Page banking 4 carp during a daytime session including ‘Moonscale’ weighing in at 40lb 4oz. Nick fished into the face of a bitterly cold north-west wind and picked up all his fish relatively close to the margins. He returned the following day to fish at the opposite end of the lake only to catch another ‘whacker’, a 31lb mirror. Denham Baits owner Paul Rudd proved just how good his baits were by taking 6 carp in a session, the best being a 26lb common carp. Several other anglers also caught the odd carp from different parts of the lake with most fish coming during daylight hours. Eoghann Thomson fished overnight in the factory bay catching around 10 big bream and a couple of carp with fish coming regularly throughout his session.

Phil Jasper fished on the River Ivel where he found big perch to be feeding catching two good-sized specimens, each weighing well over two pounds.

The club’s AGM will be held on Thursday, the 19th of March, at Biggleswade RUFC clubhouse with a 7.30 pm start time.