Pike fishing in full swing

Simon Lashmore and his stepfather Had a day’s pike fishing at Gingerbread Lake braving a hail storm and snow flurries but still managed to catch three pike, the best weighing just over 16lbs, Buoyed by these results Simon decided to target pike on another of the club’s waters, McGregor Lake at Sandy with his friend Paul Frost. Conditions were again far from ideal with the couple having to endure heavy rain for most of the day accompanied by strong winds. However, their perseverance paid off when they went on to catch 6 pike with the best weighing 19lb 9oz and coming in the last hour of daylight. Simon returned to McGregor Lake after a few days again with his stepfather when they caught another 10 pike up to 13lb 1oz.

Club Chairman, Neil Sampson, spent an evening fishing on the River Ivel near Sandy where he caught a cracking 6lb 2oz chub. The fish was in great condition and was photographed by EA fisheries officer, Alex Malcolm. The successful bait was cheese paste, a bait that has accounted for several big chub for Neil in recent seasons.

A netting was carried out on Swan Lake during the week but all fish netted were returned to the water. It was pleasing to note that plenty of small perch were caught and some juvenile tench indicating that the lake now has a breeding population of ‘tinkers’ although none have ever been stocked by the club.

The club’s management board is well aware of the rapidly deteriorating state of the tracks at the Sandy Lakes complex and is planning to carry out some remedial work in early April. In the meantime, members are advised to drive very slowly over any potholed areas to avoid damaging their vehicles.

The local PAC will be holding its next meeting at 7.30pm on the 11th of March at the Wingfield Club, 37 Church Street, Ampthill, MK45 2PL so, if you would like to meet up with fellow predator anglers, please come along.