Winter carping

Whilst most carp anglers hung up their carp rods over the winter months a few dedicated anglers kept plugging away at Gingerbread Lake with considerable success. Several anglers have been reported catching carp to mid 30s, both mirrors and commons, with around 30 big carp landed in total. It seems that the successful approach has been to regularly keep swims baited so that the fish get to know the areas where they can find food without expending too much energy.

Pike have continued to feed too during the past week with some decent sized jacks landed.

The lack of foliage on the trees and bushes has revealed that some anglers have taken to dumping their leftover rubbish around the lake particularly behind the spinney in the factory bay. If any member can throw any light as to whom the culprits might be, the Board will take appropriate action. Do not these selfish individuals realise they are putting the future fishing rights in jeopardy as well as leaving the mess for other members to clear up?

Members are again reminded that the revised date for the AGM will now be THURSDAY the 19th of March at Biggleswade Rugby Club.