Secretive Gingerbread tench located

Alan Wilkie opted for a swim at Gingerbread Lake few specimen hunters had bothered to fish. He fished close to the margins with dumbbell boilies and was soon getting runs at regular intervals. He went on to catch five tench weighing 4lb 14oz, 6lb 14oz, 7lb 9oz, 7lb 12oz and 4lb 10oz despite losing a couple of fish on a nearby snag. The next day, keen tench angler Kevin Webb chose a swim another 30 metres along the bank and he too found tench catching four fish all over 7lbs using MCF boilies. Dave Holland finally caught a tench too weighing around 5lbs but hooked and lost a much larger fish.

Eoghann Thompson had a bumper session at Gingerbread Lake banking 9 carp, the best weighing 32lb 12oz, a personal best common carp. His catch also included a number of bream and a large roach. John Murphy had two sessions at the lake and on both occasions it was bream that dominated his catches. He caught six bream from the bridge end of the lake and then another five fish from the factory bay. Anthony Pogmore caught aq single bream weighing 7lb 4oz but was getting his boilies tugged by bream throughout the day.

Richard Fosker caught a cracking 27lb 9oz common carp fishing at Swan Lake and then caught a 28lb mirror to conclude a memorable visit. Fisheries officer George Horne enjoyed similar success by catching a personal best 29lb 10oz common carp and a 21lb mirror carp, the latter from underneath his rod tip.

Robert Livock has caught carp throughout the week at McGregor Lake banking nine fish in three visits. His fish were commons weighing 8lb, 10lb 2oz and mirrors of 8lb, three at 11lb 8oz, 12lb 8oz, 13lb and 14lb 8oz.

The Over 60s club fished their first ever match at McGregor Lake in far from ideal conditions but still managed to catch around 90lbs of fish including a 15lb carp caught by Tony Mayhew and a 4lb 10oz bream by Steve Reboul.