Carp Galore and monster tench

Fish have been feeding avidly at Gingerbread Lake prior to spawning and multiple catches have been the order of the day when anglers have found the fish. Bailiff Steve Bull had a day’s fishing with his girlfriend’s 12 year old son Ryan and between them they caught 10 carp. Young Ryan caught a 30lb mirror, 25lb common and a 20lb 8oz fully-scaled mirror while Steve also landed a number of mirrors and commons to over 30lb. During the week, Norman Brinn had a repeat of his previous week’s success catching 4 carp to 32lbs, 6 tench, numerous bream and another good-sized. John Murphy caught the sought after carp known as the ‘cut-tail’ common weighing 31lbs together with a couple of big bream and a tench. Adrian Waite made the long trip from his Lancastrian home to fish the lake and was not disappointed when he opened his account with a 9lb 6oz tench. Yannis Spallis had almost given up the thought of catching anything when a run came out of the blue . The fish turned out to be a massive 11lb tench which was witnessed by two club members fishing alongside him. However, Steve Bull reckons the carp boys have caught tench to over 12lbs whilst fishing for carp. Earlier in the week, Yannis Spallis fished on an extremely windy day when carp were crashing out in fron of him. He went on to catch a 22lb common carp in a short day session. Aaron Conway fished overnight catching two carp including a 24lb common carp but lost a much heavier fish during his stay.

Mark Adams fished at Swan Lake catching 3 carp including a 29lb 10oz mirror during his session. Brad Hollidge enjoyed similar success banking three carp during his latest visit.

Robert Livock continues to catch regularly at McGregor Lake where he landed a 14lb 8oz mirror and a 9lb 12oz common during a day session. He returned later in the week to catch three more carp, mirrors weighing 13lb, 12lb and 10lb 8oz.

Congratulations to Derek Orchard who won the April photo competition with his Swan Lake common carp. Members are encouraged to report their catches as our waters are regularly featured in the angling press with a good chance of being awarded a cash prize. One member has already won £100 from Anglers’ Mail.