Multiple catches abound

Dean Flattley’s young son loves top go fishing with his dad and is not a bad angler himself! The couple fished at Gingerbread Lake where Master Flattley busied himself catching plenty of silver fish throughout the day whilst Dean concentrated on trying to catch carp. The youngster was fast asleep in his dad’s bivvy when Dean hooked into a big carp. The fish turned out to be the mirror known as ‘Moonscale’ weighing an impressive 41lb 4oz but was returned to the lake before his son awoke. The pair returned the following week and this time Dean caught another 4 mirror carp up to 22lbs and this time his son was on hand to see the fish.

Martin Brinn’s recent session on Gingerbread Lake ended in a real mixed bag for him catching 6 tench, 5 bream, 4 carp and a massive 5lb eel. A follow-up session fished by him saw him catching only bream during his stay. Lake regular John Murphy was pleased to break his p.b. when he landed a 9lb tench and a couple of sizable bream despite cool conditions. He returned to the venue two days later and went on to catch a second different 9lb tench. Fevrier Silvano landed three common carp after an overnight stay, the best weighing 29lbs. Eoghann Thomson had yet another multiple hit catching no fewer than 5 carp to 31lbs together with several bream. Nick Page fished a little fished swim in the factory bay where he caught a 23lb carp plus a low double which Nick said was one of the prettiest looking fish he had ever caught.

Barry Gyles spent a day at McGregor Lake where he enjoyed a multiple catch of 5 mirror carp ranging in size from 11lb 12oz to 17lb 5oz.

Initial supplies of club membership books have been distributed to most sales outlets including Jr Goldthorpe & Son, Biggleswade and Tackle Man Ltd at Hitchin market. Membership rates have been increased by £5 for all categories in order to meet rising expenditure in maintaining and improving the fisheries. Membership rates for 2015/16 will be Adult £65, Family £75, Retired, Disabled and Intermediate (16-17 year olds) £30 and Junior £20. Gate keys for new members are supplied within these prices.

Congratulations to Callum Sharp who won a prize from Anglers Mail for a photo recently submitted of one of his carp. This follows John Cartwright’s £100 prize for his 7lb 15oz chub caught from the river Ouse at Lavendon.

BHAA’s lakes are all situated close to nearby rivers so it is inevitable that they will receive visits from predatory otters from time to time. In fact, practically every lake in the Ouse and Ivel valleys have received such unwelcome visits in years. In recent months, Gingerbread Lake has suffered the loss of a 20lb plus carp, a big tench and a good-sized pike. However, it is untrue to say that otters have taken up residence on the lake as trolls have been reporting on Twitter and Face Book. Anyone with concerns is asked to raise them directly with the club and not with these scaremongers.