High pressure all but kills sport

Conditions for much of the week have been far from ideal with a strong easterly wind, high pressure and with bright sunshine on occasions too. This combination of climatic conditions dramatically impacted on catch rates despite plenty of signs of fish movements around the growing weed beds at Gingerbread Lake. However, John Murphy was still able to find a group of feeding fish when he opted for a swim facing directly into the wind. Early in the day, he experienced a run fishing to a bloodworm bed where he had observed that carp were constantly topping. He connected with the fish which turned out to be a 12lb mirror carp. He continued to experience line bites indicating that there were still fish active in the area. Around 4pm, he had another run which turned out to be from a 32lb 12oz common carp, a new personal best common for him. With the fish netted and about to be weighed, another of his buzzers sounded a take but the fish weeded itself and eventually escaped.

The photo competition winner for May was Alex Malcolm with a picture of a mid-double mirror carp caught by him at Gingerbread Lake. Members are reminded that there is the opportunity to win prizes up to £100 from some of the major angling newspapers that routinely receive copies of our website reports. For example, some of the enormous tench caught at Gingerbread Lake in recent months may have qualified for substantial prizes if photos of the fish had been taken.