Hot weather keeps many away from banks

The hot and humid conditions coupled with holidays have meant that many of our waters have been only lighhtly fished in the past few weeks. Moreover, often when anglers have ventured out they have found fish to be unwilling to feed. Nevertheless, there was still plenty of sport to be had if anglers varied the times when they fished.

At McGregor Lake, carp have been active in the evenings after the heat of the day has elapsed. Paul Wixey caught a 5lb bream and a 15lb mirror carp using 12mm pellets fished close to the margins of one of the islands. Trevor French was well pleased to land a super looking mirror carp weighing 20lb 8oz, one of the largest caught from the lake. The Over 60s match was won with mainly small fish and a nice tench but one match men lost three carp which could have changed the result.

During a short overnight session, head bailiff Dave Hallybone caught a 22lb 14oz mirror carp whilst fishing at Swan Lake. A couple of weeks earlier, he reported catching one of the lake’s big fully-scaled mirrors weighing well over 27lbs.

William Rance who is a new BHAA member paid his second visit to Gingerbread Lake after failing to catch on his initial visit. It was a wet day so it was well into the afternoon before he could cast his lines out. At 15.30 hours, one of his alarms sounded with line pouring out at a rapid rate. He struck into the fish and thereafter was embroiled in a titanic scrap with the fish. After some 20 or so minutes he managed to subdue the fish and net it. The fish turned out to be the mirror carp named Moonscale weighing an impressive 42lb 5oz beating his previous best of 26lb 9oz by some way. Unfortunately, there was no one on hand to take a photograph of the fish or its captor so he had to be content with one of the fish taken in his weigh sling. Bailiff Derek Orchard spotted some fish bubbling in the margins and cast his baits in their general direction. A single take produced a 24lb mirror carp for him. John Murphy managed to tempt a 15lb common into feeding when he placed his baits close to a large weed bed. Dave Holland caught a nice tench weighing 5lb 7oz float-fishing
in the factory bay.

The June photo competition winner was Martin Barnatt with his 5lb !0oz Ivel chub caught surface fishing.

Members are reminded that there should be no reserving of swims by leaving tackle in them or by parking vehicles adjacent to unoccupied swims.