Hot weather playing havoc with daytime sport

Many anglers have experienced patchy sport whilst the sun remains shining on the water with the best chances of catching fish being evenings and after dark. However, there are always a few catches that break this rule.

Mick Day returned for another day at McGregor Lake where he again opted to fish a swim often passed over by fellow anglers. Casting along the margins either side of his swim brought him more success in the form of two nice mirror carp weighing 16lb 4oz and 12lb 8oz plus a good-sized bream. Barry Arnold almost mimicked his catch when he caught another 16lb 4oz mirror and an 11 pounder too. Roy Keeble has had a break from carp fishing in the daytime to target other species in the lake. Waggler fishing with sweetcorn as bait produced a steady stream of beautifully conditioned roach and bream for him throughout the day plus a bonus 8lb 10oz mirror carp for good measure.

Dave Holland continues to catch regularly at Gingerbread Lake whilst float-fishing in the daytime. He has caught both roach and bream although his intended targets, the lake’s tench have temporarily elusive for him. The fish seem to love pellets but many bites are missed when smaller fish swim off without swallowing the bait. Anglers seeking the lake’s big carp have found that they can get runs by fishing close to the many weed beds that now cover many parts of the lake.

Some lazy angler has seen fit to break the chain next to the Pylon swim at Gingerbread Lake presumably so that he does not have to walk more than a couple of feet with his tackle. The chain will be reinstated and the culprit can expect harsh treatment if found. There is a large car park within a few yards of this swim that anglers should use. Other anglers have been reversing vehicles through the bushes next to the dugout swim instead of leaving them in the parking area out of view from the lake. This area will be fenced off in the near future to stop this practice.

A repeat request to ask anyone who has found a landing net on the bank at Gingerbread Lake to contact the membership secretary so that arrangements can be made to return it to it’s owner.

Members contemplating fishing at either Manor Farm, Lavendon or Priory Farm, Harrold are warned cattle in the fields have been licking parked cars which can scratch the paintwork. Until a solution can be found, anglers are advised to park their vehicles where the livestock cannot get to them.