Lure traps big Ouse perch

Jacob Stone fished a short afternoon session lure fishing on the River Ouse at Priory Farm, Harrold. He had two jack pike take his 4” ginki rollergun shad lure near to the river bottom but went on to catch a super 3lb 15oz from this little fished BHAA club water.

Carp fishing at Gingerbread Lake has been frustrating for many anglers as the carp have stubbornly refused to leave the sanctuary of the dense weed beds for much of the time. Also, when fish have been hooked they have dived for cover back into the weed beds. In the next couple of months, the weed will start to diminish and fish will be catchable from most areas of the lake as they start their autumn feeding spree.

Sport has remained patchy in the daytime at McGregor Lake too with just the odd sizable fish being caught. Evenings and nights seem to offer anglers the best chances of catching the lake’s carp. Barry Arnold managed to find some feeding fish though landing four mirrors weighing 13lb 13oz, 15lb 14oz, 17lb 11oz and 9lb 5oz.

Alan Wilkie caught a pristine 13lb common whilst day fishing at Swan Lake. He said that he caught the fish only inches away from the margins rather than trying to tempt one from frequently fished hotspots located at range.