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A new club member has been receiving tips on how he might succeed in catching Gingerbread Lake’s big carp from lake regular Nick ‘the Greek’ Page and Lee. In the past few weeks, Bill had hooked and lost several carp when they dived into nearby weed beds to avoid capture. Although he was able to retrieve his terminal tackle intact, all the fish escaped. Finally though his luck was to change when he fished an area of the lake where he noticed the water had been coloured by feeding fish. He went on to catch a 31lb mirror carp which more than made up for his previous losses.

Joe Hill fished overnight at Swan Lake with a guest, Paul Fellowes, and both anglers were able to record good catches. Joe Hill landed a 17lb common but Paul Fellowes broke the 20lb barrier with a 23lb mirror carp.

The changeable weather has continued to affect sport in the daytime at McGregor Lake where bites from carp have been in short supply. Barry Arnold found it hard going too after his previous week’s success but still managed to catch a 16lb 7oz mirror carp.