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Milestone reached at Swan Lake

Jamie Boness has been enjoying a good first season’s fishing at Swan Lake which has seen him bank mirror carp to 29lb 8oz and some big commons weighing up to 27lb 5oz but his season was made complete when he caught his first 30lb carp from the venue. The fish was a 31lb 3oz common carp and was qa new p.b. for the angler. Also, he has caught a spectacular looking fully-scaled mirror carp weighing 16lb 8oz.

Wet weather affects sport

The heavy rain and mild conditions should have heralded a feeding bonanza but this unseasonal weather seemed to have the reverse effect on sport.

Gingerbread feeding fest before new stock arrives

BHAA received a consignment of mirror and common carp from VS Fisheries to top up stocks in both Swan and Gingerbread Lakes. In all, four mirrors and commons were introduced into Swan Lake weighing around 14-15lb each and sixty fish were later stocked into Gingerbread Lake averaging over 9lbs each with many low doubles. All the fish were in super condition and have a reputation for growing fast and large. A delivery of crucian carp is still awaited for Grace Lake from another supplier.