Gingerbread feeding fest before new stock arrives

Mike Broom returned from a successful fishing trip to France to fish overnight at Gingerbread Lake. During the night he caught a big 32lb 4oz common carp fishing close to dying weed beds. In the morning, he had another run which turned out to be from a 26lb 8oz mirror carp. Previously, Kevin Barrable had finished a three day stint by landing a 24lb mirror carp to add to his 30lb fish (reported last week). Kevin Bacon arrived at the lake in heavy rain but was intent on getting the most out of his opportunity. He fished a swim close to deep water and caught three mirror carp weighing 17lbs, 21lbs and 34lbs. Later, he spotted a carp jump in a nearby swim and decided to move swim so that he could cast to where the fish had jumped. He had a run which turned out to be from a 29lb common carp to make his stay a four fish haul. Fisheries officer George Horne fished overnight and caught a single fish, the magnificent mirror known as ‘The Clone’ weighing in at 39lb 12oz. It was reported that Mark Collins was the fourth person to catch another named mirror, Moonscale, in a little over four weeks with the fish weighing over 40lbs.

BHAA received a consignment of mirror and common carp from VS Fisheries to top up stocks in both Swan and Gingerbread Lakes. In all, four mirrors and commons were introduced into Swan Lake weighing around 14-15lb each and sixty fish were later stocked into Gingerbread Lake averaging over 9lbs each with many low doubles. All the fish were in super condition and have a reputation for growing fast and large. A delivery of crucian carp is still awaited for Grace Lake from another supplier.

The local PAC will be holding its next meeting at the Wingfield Club, Ampthill on Wednesday, 11th November at 7pm when the guest speaker will be Dave Mutton who will share his insights into lure fishing. Further details can be obtained from organiser Val Tomin on

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