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Swan on song!

The management board of BHAA Ltd would like to wish all of its members a very Happy Xmas and tight lines in the New Year.

It was worth the walk!

Gingerbread Lake’s new forty put in a quick second appearance when it was caught weighing 41lbs by a club member. Pike were feeding ravenously when Winston Pogmore ventured out for short session. He caught four single-figured pike in quick succession but had to call it a day when his stock of dead baits ran out. All his fish fell to ledgered roach dead baits.

The start of winter sees carp still feeding

Day sessions at McGregor Lake have proven to be difficult in recent times but the lake returned to form with some multiple catches made during daylight hours. Mick Day fish a short day session when, within a couple of hours of casting out, he caught a 17lb 2oz mirror carp legering boilies tight to the margins.

Welcome to the club!

The current changeable weather has affected sport with few reports of fish captures being received but predator anglers are beginning to catch a number of pike with signs of fish boiling on the surface as they hunt shoals of small roach and rudd. A member fishing at Swan Lake reported catching a 16lb 10oz pike after landing a smaller jack pike earlier in the day.