It was worth the walk!

BHAA Chairman Neil Sampson made the long walk across meadows to reach one of the club’s remotest stretches, Campers Meadow on the Great Ouse at Tempsford. Over the years, the stretch has become overgrown with blackthorn bushes leaving only a couple of fishable swims. It proved to be a worthwhile trip as Neil went on to catch two cracking chub weighing 5lb 6oz and 5lb 8oz.

Gingerbread Lake’s new forty put in a quick second appearance when it was caught weighing 41lbs by a club member. Pike were feeding ravenously when Winston Pogmore ventured out for short session. He caught four single-figured pike in quick succession but had to call it a day when his stock of dead baits ran out. All his fish fell to ledgered roach dead baits.

A new club member, Peter Scoat decided to start fishing at McGregor Lake but it turned out to be a cool day when there were few signs of fish feeding. However, he still managed to catch a 12lb 8oz carp to open his account.

Congratulations to Jamie Boness who won the photo competition for November with his photo of a 27lb 5oz common carp from Swan Lake.

Some low life has been illegally fly tipping household items next to the entrance track at the Sandy Lakes fishery. This selfish action places our continuing use of the fishery in jeopardy. If anyone can provide information as to who the responsible person was to enable us to prosecute him, the club will happily reward the informant with free membership for the coming season.