The start of winter sees carp still feeding

Last week’s prediction of fish continuing to feed in the mild conditions proved to be correct with several good catches made. Kevin Bacon took advantage of a break between jobs to get a couple of overnight sessions in at Gingerbread Lake. His first one night session produced a single fish for him in the form of a big 38lb 2oz mirror carp. He returned to the venue a couple of days later catching another two carp, a small mirror of around 8lbs followed by a 29lb 4oz common carp. For those anglers who believe that size is everything, they will be pleased to learn that the mirror carp known as ‘The Clone’ recently put in another appearance when it was caught weighing 40lbs 10oz, a gain of nearly 1lb in less than a month.

Day sessions at McGregor Lake have proven to be difficult in recent times but the lake returned to form with some multiple catches made during daylight hours. Mick Day fish a short day session when, within a couple of hours of casting out, he caught a 17lb 2oz mirror carp legering boilies tight to the margins. He recast and hardly had time to set up his bite alarm when another carp took his bait but, unfortunately, the fish was lost. However, during the remainder of his stay, he went on to bank two more doubles weighing 14lbs and 13lb 8oz. Robert Livock spotted carp jumping in the edge and decided to move swim to where the activity was and was soon rewarded with the capture of a 16lb 12oz mirror carp. Alan Wilkie was encouraged by the action and decided to have a go himself a couple of days later and was successful in catching four more carp, two singles, a 10lb 5oz mirror and a 17lb 14oz mirror. Alan fished a snowman rig of boilies fished amongst a scattering of freebies.

Signs of pike activity have been abundance at nearly all of BHAA’s still water venues as they predate on large shoals of roach and rudd that have massed for the winter months. For those members who would like to improve their pike fishing techniques, the local PAC will be holding its next meeting at the Wingfield Club in Ampthill on the 9th of December from 7pm. The guest speaker will be Eric Edwards who will be showing videos of some of his exploits including catching pike up to nearly 30lbs although he has caught even bigger fish to 32lbs.