Welcome to the club!

Another carp has recently joined the ranks of 40lb plus fish at Gingerbread Lake. The ‘new’ 40 was caught by a member weighing 42lbs and had been caught earlier in the year weighing around 38lbs. It was a brown coloured mirror carp. Few, if any, of the newly stocked carp supplied by VS Fisheries have been caught showing that they are quickly acclimatising to their new environment.

The current changeable weather has affected sport with few reports of fish captures being received but predator anglers are beginning to catch a number of pike with signs of fish boiling on the surface as they hunt shoals of small roach and rudd. A member fishing at Swan Lake reported catching a 16lb 10oz pike after landing a smaller jack pike earlier in the day.

Another angler recently fished for carp at McGregor Lake where he struggled for bites. However, late in the afternoon he had a good run that turned out to be from a 16lb mirror carp which he netted after a hard fight. He was just about to bank the fish when the alarm for his other rod sounded and he found himself playing another carp. The fish ended up in his landing net together with the sixteen pounder.

The return to milder conditions should ensure that carp in our lakes should continue to feed so it may be worthwhile having a few more sessions before cold weather sets in.