Swan on song again!

Mick Broom spent a couple of hours trudging around Gingerbread Lake looking for signs of fish movement but without success so he decided to make the short trip to Swan. Again, there were little signs of fish activity but he decided to fish for a few hours in one of the popular Swims. After only an hour he had a run which turned out to be from a 30lb 8oz mirror carp, a nice way to see in the new year. Alan Wilkie cast around and found a clear patch amongst the silkweed that covers much of the lake’s bottom and fired out a few catapult pouches of mini boilies. He returned to the swim the following day and, within a couple of hours, he was playing a 15lb mirror carp. He fished on into the darkness and went on to catch another carp, a 24lb 2oz common carp.

Martin Barnatt visited the BHAA’s Langford stretch of the River Ivel where he could two nice chub weighing 3lb 11oz and 4lb 5oz.

Evan John had a day session on McGregor Lake catching four carp fishing on maize. All of Evan’s fish were around 10lb each and fought really hard so he was well pleased.

The club’s board has become increasingly concerned with the behaviour of a few individuals who have blatantly broken club rules or acted like selfish idiots. Incidences have been reported of security gates being left open at Gingerbread Lake; chains designed to protect the soft ground from vehicle damage being tampered with; one individual using more than the permitted three rods at Gingerbread Lake. Any member found to be behaving in such a manner risks expulsion from the club and law abiding members are asked to report any such culprits to the club.

In the next few weeks, it will be necessary to close Gingerbread Lake for a short time whilst tree surgeons are removing overhanging branches and reducing the height of many trees that are becoming an increasing problem in swims. There will be no fishing allowed during this time or at nights. The board is continuing to pursue the possibility of otter fencing at Sandy Lakes and regrading the entrance road to remove potholes.