Improvements to venues

Visitors to Gingerbread Lake will be pleased to find that the troublesome lock has been replaced. Members are asked to ensure that the entrance gate is fully closed with the latch engaged to prevent straining the new lock installed.

The working party sub-group have been busy again at the Sandy Lakes fishery and a number of tasks were completed. The ever encroaching brambles have been severely cut back so that vehicles do not get scratched. Some repairs have been made to the entrance road by filling potholes and the track at the rear of McGregor Lake has been further extended. Clearance of some trees has been accomplished around Swan Lake in preparation for the erection of an otter fence in a few months’ time. This work will be carried out by a specialist contractor and, when erected, should provide a permanent safeguard for our fish stocks. Some bankside improvements were made to existing swims too. A big ‘Thankyou’ is due to all those who participated in this work without any financial reward.

Another large project is to be carried out by tree surgeons and will be the reduction and/or removal of many of the trees surrounding Gingerbread Lake. Many of these trees are old and are in increasing risk of falling into the water as well as being dangerous in strong winds. Their removal should encourage the regrowth of rushes and sedges around the lake and lead to an improved biodiversity too.

Other projects being planned for the future include the erection of otter fences around both Gingerbread and McGregor lakes subject to available finances, further swim improvements and the extension of vehicular access and the creation of parking areas particularly in the central area of land.