Don’t let cheats prosper

Several local angling clubs, including our own, were approached by Tackleman Ltd who offered to sell club books from its stall on Hitchin market. Incidentally, the company runs an online website selling angling products too. It has since defaulted in paying over subscriptions collected on behalf of the clubs or returning any unsold books with well over £1ks worth of club books unaccounted for despite repeated requests from the affected clubs. Additionally, it appears that the company already has some court judgements against it. The board is liaising with the other clubs to decide the course of further action as the company’s behaviour is tantamount to an act of theft. In the meantime, members are advised not to have any dealings with this company now or in the future.

On a happier note, just a note to remind interested members that the club’s AGM will be held on Thursday evening at Biggleswade RUFC’s clubhouse in Langford Road, Biggleswade.

Anglers fishing overnight are asked to be aware that an angler suffered an attempted mugging whilst he was fishing at a local lake. Hopefully, this was an isolated incident but it would be sensible if anglers could ensure that, where possible, they fish with other anglers in close proximity.

The club’s chairman and fellow board members would like to express their gratitude to all the members (and some non-members) who turned up to help on the recent working party at Sandy Lakes.

The latest stocking a fish was made into Grace Lake when around 300 plump crucian carp were introduced to further boost the population. Members are requested to report any catches of crucians to the membership secretary so that the success of such stockings can be assessed.