Gingerbread Lake will be temporaily closed

Sorry if you have been experiencing issues accessing the website but, hopefully, the matter is now resolved. It appears that many of the host’s customers experienced the same problem which they have now fixed.

The working group has decided that Gingerbread Lake will be closed from Friday evening (22/04/16) until Sunday evening (24/04/16) to enable preparatory work to be undertaken on the forthcoming otter fencing and, if time allows, other tasks. Members are welcome to come along and assist the working party which will begin around 8am on the Saturday and bring with them any tools such as saws, chainsaws, shovels, spades and wheelbarrows.

Jamie Hotchin-Stylianou fished overnight at McGregor Lake and, despite a hard frost, managed to catch four good-sized carp. Robert Livock finally got off the mark after a couple of blank visits when he caught a 14lb 2oz mirror during a short morning session. Other anglers were getting sport from bream and roach using feeder tactics.

Darren Coles caught a big common carp fishing at Gingerbread Lake, a 35lb 7oz specimen and several other anglers reported catching carp to around 20lbs during the week. Bream were feeding actively probably as a precursor to spawning. John Murphy caught three big bream during a daytime visit but was really pleased to land an early season tench weighing around 8lbs. Another member caught an 15lb 12oz plated mirror, probably one of the fish recently stocked by the club.

The outer gate at Gingerbread Lake has been troublesome recently by scraping the ground and making it difficult to open. It has now been repaired. Also, a new hole for the latch to be closed has been made in the inner gate. It is important that the latches on both gates are closed to reduce stress on the gate posts which can cause the gates to drop. All too often we find the gates left swinging on the lock chain which caused the problem in the first place.

We are aware that a few selfish members have been disconnecting the chains protecting the soft ground from becoming rutted. If the culprits are identified, they can expect severe disciplinary treatment by the club’s management board.