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Gingerbread carp have finally spawned

Ryan ‘Trigger’ Atkins fished at Swan Lake where he went on to catch one of the big JAS common’s weighing 32lb 2oz. Alan Wilkie had a comical experience when he returned to his swim following a reconnoitre to find a young mink peeking at him out of his tackle bag munching one of his ham sandwiches.

New season brings its early rewards

Jamie Boness has been enjoying a great time fishing at Swan Lake and his success has continued with some more great catches including mirror carp weighing 26lb 3oz and 28lb 1oz and a beautiful common of 15lb 6oz.

Big Tinca caught

Former barbell record holder Steve Curtin has chalked up another milestone by catching a double-figured tench from Gingerbread Lake. It is a shame but many of the carp anglers regularly catch huge tench from the lake but do not seem to appreciate such fish instead preferring to be ‘one club golfers’. Several carp were caught but they all appeared to be fish recently stocked into the lake indicating that the bigger carp were still awaiting a time to start their spawning activity. Paul Webb has been pre-baiting swims with a variety of baits including cockles and his efforts paid off when he caught two 5lb tench on float-fished cockles.

A just reward!

Simon Lashmore reported catching several hard-fighting tench from Grace Lake fishing daytime sessions but has struggled to find any of the lake’s crucian carp. He has seen several large pike in the lake though which must have gained entry when the nearby Stratford Brook flooded into the lake. Anyone catching these pike is asked to remove them and put them into McGregor or Swan Lakes on the complex.