Big Tinca caught

Former barbell record holder Steve Curtin has chalked up another milestone by catching a double-figured tench from Gingerbread Lake. It is a shame but many of the carp anglers regularly catch huge tench from the lake but do not seem to appreciate such fish instead preferring to be ‘one club golfers’. Several carp were caught but they all appeared to be fish recently stocked into the lake indicating that the bigger carp were still awaiting a time to start their spawning activity. Paul Webb has been pre-baiting swims with a variety of baits including cockles and his efforts paid off when he caught two 5lb tench on float-fished cockles.

Recent incidents at both Gingerbread Lake and the Sandy Lakes complex of gates being left open means that it necessary once again to remind members that all gates, both security and otter, MUST be closed and latches engaged after entry or exit. Our bailiffs will be reporting any member who fails to abide by this requirement.

Once the otter fencing is in situ, session anglers MUST make adequate provision for their toilet requirements as it is unacceptable to areas in proximity of the lakes to be used for toilet purposes. Toilet buckets should be brought so that any waste can be removed from the site. Anyone found to have left waste near to swims risks having his night permit cancelled.

Gate locks will be changed on the evening of the 15th of June so anglers fishing at this time need to have both their existing gate key and the new one in their possession.